Bianco Base is a Design Studio supporting brands in developing unique footwear

_ Concept & Design

Spanning from avant-garde and luxury to sportswear and casual, Bianco Base works with international fashion brands in developing

ideas grounded on design and concept.

Trends & market research, moodboards, sketches: a creative process to envision the final product and get clients ahead of the right trends.

_ Research & sourcing

Creating a competitive advantage for Bianco Base and its clients involves the continuous search for new materials and innovative technologies as
a shoe is more than the sum of its parts.
Research and sourcing of new fabrics, compounds, and construction techniques to improve the product quality and manufacturing effectiveness.

_ Rendering and quick prototyping

Developing a project is about bringing it from an idea to a physical product. To achieve the goal, Bianco Base merges design focused attitude, experience and technology:

combining craftsmanship and digital processes is key.

Design finalization, photo and 3D rendering, in-house 3D printing, proto development are all part of this final step leading to the end product and project completion.
Working with leading companies
in the fashion industry since 2008